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Latest Versions

This is a list of Bonsai’s currently supported versions of its software packages. All dates in YEAR.MONTH.DAY format.

Software Package Name Versions Last Updated
Command Line Interface bonsai-cli 0.8.23 2018.05.07
Gym Common bonsai-gym 2.0.5 2018.05.21
Python Library bonsai-ai 2.0.7 2018.05.21
C++ Library libbonsai 2.0.1 2018.05.21

Product Release Notes

These release notes combine releases for the web (BRAIN Dashboard), the backend services (Bonsai AI Engine), the Inkling language, and Bonsai’s API. All releases are tagged by date for the web, backend, Inkling, and API. SDK and CLI are released separately and have different version numbers. They are available on GitHub.

Release Notes for CLI:

Release Notes for Python SDK (bonsai-ai, bonsai-cli, and bonsai-gym libraries):

Release Notes for C++ SDK (libbonsai):


Notable features:

  • You can now specify an algorithm and its parameters for the AI Engine to use
  • Support for Unity as a simulator
  • Added statistics to simulators and the option for the SDK to log them for easy analysis
  • Simulink demo added to the Create BRAIN web page
  • bonsai-simulink is now supported on Windows 10
  • EnergyPlus demo has been upgraded to use SDK2
  • Constants are supported in Inkling

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Bonsai CLI commends no longer wait forever
  • Training graph no longer disappears sometimes
  • Fixed access key link in bonsai configure command
  • Simulator tab no longer resets every time you click away
  • Fix for SDK2 port of Taxi simulator

Other notes:

  • Limited BRAINs actively training to 2
  • Increase of supported parallel simulators from 256 to 1024


Various bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes for resume training


Various bug fixes, including:

  • Removed limitation for Inkling variables ending in underscore followed by a number
  • Fixed backend race conditions causing dropped simulators


Notable features:

  • You can now Resume Training a BRAIN or Restart Training instead

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed action scaling in prediction episodes being different than training episodes
  • Fix for the iteration and exploration rate update for resume training


Notable features:

  • Python SDK2 simulators can now run hosted on the web
  • Resource limits have now been added to containers

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed IE11 visual display issues
  • Fixed color caching issue requiring hard restart


Notable features:

  • Support of IE11 (Windows 7 and Windows 10)
  • Python SDK2 standalone support (not linked against C++ binaries)
  • Beta CPU and GPU node capacity has been tripled

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Some BRAINs in Training were listed as Not Started while in Progress
  • Fixed bonsai-ai not working for Python 3.5 on OSX
  • Fix for IE11 not displaying access keys


Notable features:

  • New color scheme for BRAIN web graphs

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Fix for IE11 BRAIN Dashboard
  • Fixed occasional application error when trying to stop BRAIN training


Notable features:

  • BRAINs on beta are now private

Various bug fixes, including:

  • Connecting a simulator for prediction will no longer alter the BRAIN’s status
  • Fixed issue where training graph would overlap older and newer training sessions
  • Fix for bonsai push command not correctly uploading files to beta portal